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Sep 7

I knew this was going to be a tough course, super dry and bumpy (bumpy is an understatement) for 3/4s of the course & a fast, wet-grass section, from the pre-ride. Also, I was lined up alphabetically due to being in my 1st CX-race season. The start was a chaotic mess. They allow the provincial developmental team to race with us; I feel that this is a huge mistake—- despite there ability, there is a culture of ‘oh, come on, just let the kids ride”/’freebie”-ism that permeates this town’s cycling establishment. With the ability to pick my line all but gone from the start and advance in positions; I made due.

However, one of the junior kids took a bad line in the first corner and caused a crash, stalling out my section of the peloton. Avoiding the crash, I was subsequently fighting for position with juniors throughout the entirety of the race.
My point being, they (juniors) need to have their own race OR place them with the “open” category races.
Two cases in point, the first instance is on the run-up the grandstands I caught up to a kid and tried to pass them on the run, however they put their bike down HORIZONTALLY across the race course to remount. The second instance, on the run-to-ramp, I saw a junior take a bad line in front of someone who tried to pass them, subsequently, the startled kid collided with them on the down-ramp.

I shouted expletives at those that were in my way; it is a face I don’t like to wear—- but when provoked, I was admitting-ly quite the snarling wolf. So to them, my apologies—- however, I will put the rest of my CX-season efforts on gaining position and speed.

Otherwise, Dark Cross— as a race, IS a superb event (and wonderfully organized)!! And would recommend it to any who ask.

Sep 7
Dark Cross 2014, post-race thoughts:
Sep 7
Sep 6

Race 1. “Dark Cross”. C-race.
9.96 km total. 3.32 km/lap

*winner’s time = 27:22 (21.82 km/h)
my time = 32:51 (18.18 km/h)

lap 1 - 11:03
lap 2 - 10:58
lap 3 - 10:49

5 things I felt good about: on grass and hard-packed dirt.
2.selecting the right gearing for the terrain. climbing. (!!!) ability to pass in the corners. pre-race preparation.

5 thing I need to work on:
1. dismount-remount. (!!!)
2. hole-shot starts.
3. picking and holding the ‘right’ line.
4. pacing myself.
5. bike-handling/more confidence.

5 things I want for next year:
1. a proper “kit” bag; instead having 2 bags with my gear.
2. more off-road training.
3. skinsuit for racing; 2-piece kits not convinced they work for CX.
4. a person to assist me getting ready.
5. portable bike stand and mechanic tool-roll.

** was wearing my HRM but forgot to turn on my Garmin. d’oh!

Sep 2
Sep 2

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Untitled (1957)
Sep 2


Untitled (1957)

  1. do the opposite of what you were taught in school. (if it is elementary level education: it is basic, the stuff your parents probably don’t have time to tell you. if it is junior-high level-education; you are in there because you are considered “trouble” anywhere else; high-school-level is really just a low-security prison, make friends, if not JUST survive! Post-secondary education, you get what you pay for.)
  2. care not for the opinions of others, they are based on their own thoughts and fears. (including mine, our parents, loved ones, etc…)
  3. study the work of other rebels. steal things from them. research with fury. 
  4. forget about the competition. they are on a different path than you. trends are for suckers.
  5. "there’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous." - John Cage —- to translate, "do things that scare you on a regular basis!"
  6. make a mess.
  7. embrace your dark side—- your so-called “dark qualities” (or labels) are a source of great power. find a way to incorporate them into you work. feature them. pay particular attention to what makes you angry. 
  8. exercise your voice. put your ideas, thoughts and opinions out in the world, even it scares the shit out of you*. (* see rule 5)
  9. expand your horizons. leave home. visit other places/cultures. wander aimlessly. 
  10. never limit your ‘play’-time. even if your brain is telling you otherwise. all of your best stuff comes from it, if you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown. 
  11. question everything. (YES, including this!)
  12. follow your heart (or gut). 

saw this somewhere, probably on Pinterest… rule 3?

Sep 2
some rules for your inner & outer rebel.
loving this design concept for a coffee shop.

photo credit: Matthew Millman for
Sep 2

loving this design concept for a coffee shop.

photo credit: Matthew Millman for

Been a long long while. Post-bike-ride helmet hair.
Aug 29

Been a long long while. Post-bike-ride helmet hair.