Apr 8 -

A quick recap of my holiday weekend:

The Good:

Went on a group ride with two solid rider, The Beastly and Il Volantino— who despite the headwinds and crosswinds were in great Spring form. I don’t where they were getting the snap in their legs (respectively) but they were hammering the pedals the entire ride. 

Also, watching this year’s edition of Paris-Roubaix at my favorite spot Parlour Coffee. Fortunately-unfortunately, the live-feed wasn’t hooked up to a commentary SO we had an iPod on, playing music. The best moment was when Tom Boonen looked at the camera and shook his finger in great rhythm to a Django Reinhardt piece of ‘gypsy jazz’.

The Bad

A group ride should never start out in the big chainring when in the city. And to turn it into a gold sprint— I should’ve laid out some ground rules. And for a group ride, doing a solo off the front, without looking back?! That’s just a bit of jack-ass-ery. Although, both of the riders I rode with were often used to solo efforts, working as a group is still a foreign concept. 

The Ugly:

My form and what my legs would allow me to do. I’ve been working over the winter months to come into Spring with some form ready to go; some dry-powder even. That dry-powder wouldn’t fire and I was left suffering for the 80kms for a great majority of the ride. I loved it.

Seeing the other riders in a various array of eras of cycling gear and equipment amassing together—- in addition to the flagrant contempt of the “Rules”; it was horrid. 

The Beastly’s beard; so many mixed emotions about that facial hair… it needs some grooming.

The winds this weekend have been treacherous and just plain hateful! 

To sum up; a pretty great weekend!

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